Misrachi created his own gallery concept inside the Central Publications Bookstore at 4 Juarez Avenue, even though at the beginning he was in the mezzanine, he began selling drawings of the greatest artists of Mexico such as: Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros  and Rufino Tamayo, and later oils, watercolors, lithographs, sculptures, art books of these and other artists, with which he completed the sales of imported books and magazines about photography, design and architecture, The avid consumers, mostly foreigners, were attracted by a display window where, for many decades, works of consecrated artists were invariably exhibited.

          The Central Publications Bookstore opens its gallery in 1937 with an exhibit of works by Rufino Tamayo, the following year, in 1938, the exhibit of the recent work, drawings and easel painting by Diego Rivera, from that moment on and on a regular basis, invariably, year after year, the works of Mexican artists, young and old, who do not seem to care much if it is a shop or a gallery, continue to be exhibited on the sideboard;  Seriousness and kindness are enough to guarantee the presence of artists and to guarantee the sale of their works.

          The oil paintings and drawings of artists who were known for their political activities and their extravagances rather than for their pictorial work, used to alternate with the work of young artists who began their careers and, to those who, unlike in the formal galleries, here they were given the opportunity to show their work at the side of the consecrated.  This practice, created a tradition and a system of promotion of new values ​​that linger nowadays.

          Since its beginnings, the main interest of the Misrachi Gallery has been the promotion of Mexican artists and other countries that are linked to our nation. It supports the artistic production, it promotes collecting and follow-up of the formation of private collections, focuses on solid proposals both in its originality and in its creative development, including artists with consolidated, growing and emerging trajectories.  Almost ninety years after its founding, the Misrachi Art Gallery, backed by a solid, honest and competitive career, also participates with professional art, curatorship and museography.